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Here hired means when you start working on a blog or website and apply for Google products such as adsense
This article is written as like in a sense of an environment of corporate culture as similar goes with Google to help readers and visitors and newcomers to better understand the online work system.
What we need to understand when working with Google?
Always know what an employer seeks from employees? Some of the quality traits are
Time management
Working efficiently
Good input Good output = Results
Good behavior
Adhere to policies
No shortcut way (smart working skills are prefered)
Another opportunity Google gives you being a blogger is your flex time in which you can do work for your quality content blog or website.
All the factors will be defined as their need:
You have to be honest regarding your identity your content your online presence
No false working any false impressions would be regarded as disapproved of your content such as generating web traffic with your own clicks on ads. It will kick out or fired you from the organization that means Google criteria
Time management
You can write your own blog by working on many niche topics. You have to be focused that which categories you are including and cut off the unnecessary content from your place that is not to work on unnecessary projects. Post and create quality content and manage time for it.
Working Efficiently
It allows users to have a dynamic source of working experience. There are many and more than thousands of different questions like can we apply for a adsense account or can I link adsense account to other stuff like that. As it mentions in their policy related to this you have to stick with their procedures
Good input Good output Results
When you put positive input you will get positive output the more you learn about working online the more you will be able to work with enthusiasm.
Adhere to policies
We all have to be sure that are we aligned with their criteria to shake hand with Google policies because each and every employer has a set of standards and SOP to follow so similarly we must be aware and understand their terms and conditions to overcome problems we face during online working regarding adsense problem, content, SEO, web clicks, affiliation with scams which is prohibited by Google.
You have to be clear and transparent regarding your business your name proof if identity should not be mismatched.
No shortcut way
As discussed earlier no false clicks or don’t try to make mismatch impressions, you have to create organic traffic? Don’t get into scam stuff because it won’t work for beginners
Sometimes it takes so much time that they provide you your goody bag that is your code your ad your rankings value. For this you have to be clear about SEO guidelines which are present in previous articles.
It takes time to get what you require. You have to submit true essence of yours and your content which benefits others in a productive way.

Author: Ali Ahmed


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