Are You Suitable To Work From Home

A lot of people say that working from home is more preferable than working in a traditional company setting and although there are certain advantages to working from home, it ultimately depends on the person whether these advantages are indeed advantages for her perspective.
Benefit #1 More Time with Your Loved Ones
Possible Downside: More Time Alone
If your present job is extremely demanding and forcing you to spend too little time with your family and loved ones then yes, it might be more ideal for you to work from home. And you think that if sheer geographical distance is keeping you away from your loved ones then definitely, working from home is more preferable.
If, on the other hand, you’re already alone in this world for whatever reason then there’s no clear advantage to work from home. If your colleagues are already like family to you then working from home will just isolate you instead of helping you maintain closer relationships with the people you care for.
Benefit #2 Less Stress, More Income
Possible Downside: More Stress, Less Income
Many hit the jackpot with a home-based job, but there is probably an equal number of people as well who end up suffering from worse financial problems because they risked leaving their work for a home-based job. If you really want to work from home, make sure that you’re ready for all possible consequences. Don’t take the jump if you’re not sure there’s someone to catch you…and that someone has enough strength to hold you for some time.
What to Do If You Want to Work from Home
If you’ve considered the above conditions and you still think you’ll benefit from working from home, then here are several steps you should consider taking.
Step #1 Reflect on Your Decision
Are you sure you really want to work from home? Although working from home is less stressful in normal circumstances, it also means being caged within the four walls of your home day in and day out. Are you ready for those inevitable instances of tediousness?
Step #2 Consult Your Loved Ones
Working from home will usually have a domino effect on your family life. By quitting your job, you might be forcing your family to reduce their spending or even change – albeit temporarily – their very lifestyle to accommodate your decision.
Step #3 Find a Job
Don’t quit your day job just yet. As mentioned earlier on, make sure that you already have something to lean back on before handing in your resignation letter. It’s also better if you don’t take just any home-based job but rather one that you can foresee yourself of having for a long, long time and quite happily at that.
Step #4 Preparing for the Rainy Days
People rarely find their first home-based jobs able to provide adequately for their necessities. Thus, if you’re truly serious about working from home, you need to be prepared to tighten your belt for a certain period of time or until you finally start earning sufficiently from your new line of work. Devise a new – and stricter – budget plan.
Step #5 Formulate a Career Plan
Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you should totally forget about moving up the career ladder. Working from home basically means having a change of settings, but you should still formulate a clear plan to map out your future.

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