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Are you upset with your website? Thinking how you would make your website better than before or make it more attractive to users or are you thinking how to generate more traffic for your website

Previously many articles have been published on this topic, today we will look how google supports website

firstly, we must understand google policies because its google terms and conditions to comply with them its a necessary part of any good content website

You must choose a good topic for your blog which is a different one try to focus new topics new articles focusing on new trends such as in fashion industry, travelling or technology.

These words are the basics, further its your job how you can you kick start it with your creativity. For example you can start your blog with creative Name that attracts visitors such as “Chemistry Colors”

In this you can adopt your creative idea to start with your blog. Don’t forget to work hard on web development and web designing. Try to keep your website as simple and as clear to gain visitors

Marketing through social media platform is an advantage now a days and a ease of promotion to bring your business idea on the front all you have to do is hard work to maintain position.

Next google supports such tools and techniques that help a lot.

For example

google analytics and the most important is google search console (webmaster console) which is very useful to check your website complies with google policies or not

In order to comply with google policies sign in to google webmasters
its a unique way to make sure your website compatibility it assures your site content

1. Fix errors
2. derives data of website which you can see traffic sources data
3. Enabling Tags
and a lot of good stuff, when you will explore it you will find it more necessary things that you can make clear and fix it.

its all about the new entrepreneurs who are making mistakes, may it help you !

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