Job Hunting And Being Over Aged For Finding Job Vacancy


Job Hunting And Over Aged Unemployment Problems

Though some employers would prefer a younger workforce, the older applicants still have a wide variety of career choices to choose from.

To have a head start from the younger applicants, one has to take into consideration the following:
  1. In writing one’s resume, put more weight in highlighting the accomplishments without necessarily bragging about it.
One could have these lists of accomplishments and previous posts held work for one’s advantage over younger applicants who may not even have any experience on the same field.
An individual’s employment history receives as much scrutiny as the applicant itself.  While employers tend to look for gaps or lapses of time when the applicant has been unemployed, they also tend to focus on the length of service one had rendered for their previous employers.
Frequent change of work (usually within very short time frames) can be alarming for prospective employers.
  1. Read and enroll in programs that will refresh your knowledge on certain fields especially if engaged in professional sectors. This will keep you individual abreast of the latest trend in such fields.
  1. Search the Internet for vacancies. A lot of agencies place ads on the net that advertises help for senior citizens in looking for jobs. Various search engines made easier and specific (can choose the following categories: career, location and field of interest) are also available.
Jobs that do not usually look into the age of the applicant are the following:
  1. Professional work that are into specialization. For applicants in the medical field (i.e. Doctors) experience is the basic determinant of being hired.
  1. Lectures or speaking engagements. Speakers that are invited to discuss certain topics do not really have an age requirement. Rather, qualification focuses more on firsthand knowledge and experience.
  1. Writers. Writing novels, plays or children’s books are one of those professions whose only requirement is good writing skills. Also, one can do the job at the comfort of their own homes, a plus factor for those in their advanced years.

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